Worrying about things outside of our control is not helpful

It is only with acceptance that there can be an absence of worry. This applies to most things in life.
A virus has turned the world upside down. We cannot escape the media and understandably are feeling a little stressed and worried even if we don’t admit it.
Economists predict all sorts of things. They are usually based on facts and figures and historical data.
We should definitely trust our Scientists in the knowledge that vaccines are the way to go as has been proven in the past pandemics.

“Anti-vaxers” need us to be vaccinated to keep them safe

During this pandemic most of us have learnt a lot, and continue to learn, but then there are some that still feel that they are invincible and who care not about their actions.

The protesters and “anti-vaxers” seem to selfishly believe that they are special, while the majority who have already been vaccinated continue to do the right thing.

The “anti-vaxers” are reliant on those that have been vaccinated to protect them in reducing the spread, so ultimately they NEED us all to be vaccinated for them to be safe!

It seems that they are not worried that they could cause somebody to die as a result of their carelessness, or unwillingness to act responsibly, by not logically understanding the science.

We all need to understand and accept and work together so that life can return to a “new normal”, in however many months or years that it might take.

Crystal balls are of little help

I often wonder about the crystal balls that some people use to proclaim certain facts and figures, and how often we as humans will believe what is put in front of us and start to worry unnecessarily.
None of us are immune to worry and anxiety. Worrying about not being able to get toilet paper for some people led to all sorts of shortages and stockpiling during the early stages of the Pandemic.

How many of us went and bought a few extra rolls of loo paper when we saw the stockpiling reported by the Media?
We worry about not being able to get toilet paper and yet we don’t seem to worry if we have no seatbelt on a bus with a fast driver.

Sometimes we even worry about “not having anything to worry about?”

Acceptance does not mean that you are just putting up with a situation, it means that you are opening up to the difficult thoughts and feelings and working a way through to stop worrying about what you cannot change.

Ways to help reduce anxiety

You can determine what you can control and identify your fears.
How to accept things depends on each of us individually.
We can start by seeing things as they really are.
We can try not to take anything personally and try not to confuse acceptance as a statement of preference.

I remember being told one day…
” Why worry, because if you worry, you are still going to die one day whether you worry or not- it is just the passage of life”

Rather spend time doing meaningful activities, change your life to be as good as it can be at that point in time or within the current constraints and build healthy relationships, and definitely don’t sweat the small stuff!
So what if the kids make a mess, or you spill the milk or the dog jumps up and makes your clothes muddy?

Practice kindness and laugh more. Look after your health. Learn more skills.
Stay in contact with family and friends – actually pick up the phone and talk to them or use Facetime or Whatsapp. How good is it to see a loved one’s face?

If I can take one thing from the past 18 months of the Pandemic, it is that I have actually seen my loved ones more via the internet, than I would have normally in day to day life, especially the ones that live overseas.

And secondly even though it has not been possible to carry on working in the way that I had up until the lockdowns began, I have learnt more and have seemed to work longer hours happily, which keeps the loneliness of working alone at bay.

Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want, and be positive, and remember that a happy life is a collection of happy moments.

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