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Never over promise and under deliver!

When times are tough and sales are few and far between, it is common for some salespeople to “over promise and underdeliver”. In real estate though, it is something you need to watch out for a lot of the time, especially when there are fewer properties on the market...

Renovation reality

Renovating looks easier than it is in reality It is so easy to believe that renovating  your home will be a walk in the park with so many renovation reality television shows on offer that make it seem so easy. But whether you are doing the work yourself, or employing...

Energy Efficient living – why it is worth a try!

Simple ways to reduce your energy usage Family is important, and so is keeping a warm, energy efficient home for them to live in. Many of us at some time in our lives consider ways in reducing our energy use, so might find that there are many simple ways to do so....

Gardens with soul

Soul food is often found in the garden. It feels good to look out at my garden and see the changing colours of the seasons with the bees darting everywhere, and the birds in the trees, and bird baths. I love watching the native birds feeding on the hanging seed bells,...

Caution! Asbestos

When buying a house it is always advisable to employ a licensed building inspector to provide information on the building condition. Knowing what to budget for in respect of any repairs required in the coming years makes a lot of sense! Finding Asbestos in a home can...