Career Planning

Real Estate Agents and Salespeople may do some or all of the following:


List and sell properties for all sorts of people.

They will research and calculate the value of properties to give an indication of a fair market value.

They will market the properties for sale online or in brochures, completing professional documentation.

They will arrange open homes and organise private viewings, and take care of legal requirements like “Health and Safety.”

They will negotiate property sales and contracts, and show professionalism in knowing the correct laws that govern the Real Estate industry.

Part of the job involves organising building inspections and reports. They will investigate anything that needs to be disclosed to a prospective buyer.

Real Estate agents are required to keep their knowledge of the industry up to date and act within the legislative framework and standards set by the Government.

Real Estate Agents and Salespeople need to have a knowledge of:


Sales techniques and data base management to keep in touch with buyers and sellers.

Knowing where to look for information about market trends and property values, sales, town planning etc.

They will learn about the requirements for financing, basic accounting, and keep up to date with the relevant Acts that govern the Real Estate Industry.

They need to be proficient in knowing about property locations, different house types, and be upfront when it comes to disclosure of any facts known about a property.

They need to know where to look for building and council information relating to a property as well as be alert to anything that needs to be disclosed.

They may need to work very long hours, including weekends and evenings and can be in the car a lot getting to numerous buyers appointments.

The hours are long, but the rewards are great if you are successful.

You will get to meet a diverse range of people from all walks of life and you will encounter many challenges along the way.

You will need a good attitude, good ethical values and integrity to succeed where many fail.

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