“When is the right time to downsize?”
Is it perhaps when you need to downsize your life?
Have you got too many unused rooms in your current house?
It is costly heating a large unused home, and cleaning it can be just as bad.
If your home is full of children or guests, it might be different, but there comes a time in all of our lives when we need to be practical and look at all the options.
It can also be quite invigorating having a change.

It is said that a change is as good as a holiday

Storage is a factor you need to consider when downsizing.
Rule of thumb says that  if you have not used something for 6 months then you probably don’t need it anymore.
By eliminating unused expenses in your life you are also likely to free up additional cash to spend on other things, perhaps on entertainment or a new car or a holiday?
The days of building a large home so that it caters to extended visitors are on the way out.

It is also common not to want to downsize when the children leave home because we believe that they will come back.
And they usually do, but with their partners or wives/husbands and children.
So think about how much room you are going to need.
Perhaps a larger main bedroom, guest bedroom and/or study?
Some miss a garden so go from apartment life back to renovating an older home in the same style as an apartment, but with a walled garden and plenty of space for hobbies.
There are so many choices out there. You just have to put a plan in place and make a list of the “must haves” and “not necessary”.

Planning is necessary

The beauty of renovating an older home is that you can convert unused rooms into hobby rooms or guest suites, or perhaps a “home and income scenario” for some extra income in retirement.
I know of several people who after a stressful life event like serious illness have downsized dramatically to another area, choosing lifestyle over convenience.

One couple sold up their huge city home and moved to a small coastal community to do market gardening.

He enjoys his fishing and they enjoy having their grandchildren when they can. They seem quite happy and settled with their new lifestyle in their late sixties.

They say they do not miss the convenience of city life and have found easier ways to stay healthy and fit.

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure.

Simple checklist when downsizing

Declutter each room and sort items into 4 boxes: “Keeping”, “Giving away”, Selling,” or “throwing out”.
Donate any suitable goods to Charity.
Place adverts for items you wish to sell.
Check items like cutlery and crockery. Get rid of items not used for over 6 months.
Make a list of garden tools, or other tools that you think you will need in a smaller place.
Decide which large items to keep. You might not need all of the couches, or beds for instance.
Tidy all your personal papers like birth certificates and put them neatly in a folder.
Measure your current home and then your envisaged new home so that you know what will fit where and get rid of the rest.
If you cannot get rid of sentimental things like cards and papers then catalogue them into a storage system.

“Change is good and in fact unavoidable”

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