You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to refresh the decor in your kitchen

When we received a few quotations for renovating an older 60’s style kitchen and bathroom, I was visibly shaken when I read the figure put in front of me by the saleslady with the glossy hair.

She tapped her pen on the figure saying it was “a bare minimum price”.

I looked around at the showroom with the Italian marble and the ornate fixtures and fittings and realised that I was perhaps in the wrong place.

It got me to thinking. Why not do a few smaller things first and then see if that would work for the time being, in order to save for the big renovation?

A new coat of paint could be a start

If your kitchen feels outdated or needs a new look, paint could be your answer.

Take advantage of the latest trending colour schemes, and head on down to your local hardware shop and get some of the free advice that they frequently offer.

You can paint your cupboards, walls and ceilings and finish off with trendy tiles at the back of the stove as a splash-back, or even glass over a nice painted finish.

Refresh the bench top

If your bench top is not that great, there are places that will fit just the bench top and they can be inexpensive, so shop around.

Fit new cupboard handles

You could change your dated or tired looking cabinets and handles for more modern, eye-catching designs to give your kitchen an easy face lift.

If you’ve already painted the cabinets, replacing the old handles will help you tie together the colour scheme and make your kitchen more stylish.

Contemporary matte black handles continue to dominate the kitchen trends as they are simple and can suit any interior style

Keep it simple

Why not clean the grout in between your tiles if you have a tiled surround above your kitchen benches?

Grout makes all the difference in freshening up a tired looking space.

If you have a tiled splash back, just by cleaning the grout it can make a huge difference. The same goes for the tiles around the entire kitchen.

If you’re feeling a little more advanced in your DIY skills, consider replacing your sink tap fixtures

An old tap can easily date a kitchen and if it is a leaky tap then that is even worse.

Something new and stylish will help tie the entire design of your kitchen together and help make it look fresh and updated.

Add some Art work

Despite all of your hard work getting this far, your kitchen may still need a little more personality.

Why not hang some colourful art or prints to help brighten it up and create atmosphere?

The colours of the Artwork often add texture to the space, but be careful to place the artwork away from flames or water.

So you see, you might get away with not really needing to “fully” renovate your kitchen, or totally replace it in order to bring it back to life in the modern world.

It could be just as easy to use some simple DIY steps to refresh and tidy it up.

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