Being cooped up due to bad weather must be incredibly hard on many people, but especially so if there is inadequate space for children to play

Easy projects to keep the kids busy don’t always come to mind, but there are some that are clear winners.

When my children were younger they loved the good old sandpit, the swing and the tree house.

I remember thinking that it must have seemed high up to them, when in fact it was only a low timber base on a very short tree stump.

They would play for hours, climbing up and jumping off again.

The sandpit was only an old tractor tyre, which we had lined with thick black plastic, and filled with beach sand. The swing was an old car tyre, held by a thick rope on each side.

The base of the tree house was made from old timber, and was a very simple structure, yet they dragged every toy up there to enjoy their world of play.

Ideas for child friendly play areas at home

Noughts and Crosses game

This looks great when finished and should provide hours of fun.

It is a simple DIY project which should be easy to create, and even easier to set up and pack away each time.

Keep the children happily engaged – Read more here

If you want to build  a more permanent game, you will need some more serious tools as well as pavers, sleepers, and plywood.

Take a look  here

Hop scotch court

This entails a little more work, but the kids can get involved and you will all have fun creating the space. What better way to enjoy something together

Take a look here 

Build a sand pit

If you want an easy sand pit, you can buy a simple large container and fill it with sand, but why stop there.

Have a look at this Pirates Ship sandpit – what fun to build this! The kids will love watching it take shape too.

Tyre swings

There are not many kids out there who will hate a swing I am sure. Tyre swings have been around forever. Have a look at these 

If you have not got a tree, then sometimes, just hanging an old tyre from a patio roof beam will do the trick.

Loft bed indoor playhouse

If you are short on space in the garden then there a ways of creating play areas indoors for the children.

Have a look at these wonderful ideas for loft beds and play areas

By being creative it definitely has its advantages.

You might just find that you had a skill that you never ever knew you possessed!

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