Thinking of upgrading your bathroom?

Planning is essential to a successful outcome when remodelling your bathroom.

Consider the following before getting at least 3 quotations.

Remember, what you visualise is not necessarily what the person that you choose to work with might visualise, so it is better to have a clear idea and plan of action in place.

There is a huge source of material on the web these days where you can get ideas.

Most Bathroom and Tiling companies will have a lot of useful information available and some Tile suppliers will even have an online “Tile Visualiser” where you can try out different types of tiles and colours of your choice to see what goes with what before buying them.

The Tile companies will also be able to give you a selection of names of tilers to contact for quotations.

Things to consider before you begin:

Check with Professionals or Local Council:

It is important to make sure that the works that you are undertaking do not need special consent, so do your homework thoroughly.


Determine how much light you will need. You don’t want your bathroom to look dark or cold. Think about Mirror lighting. Perhaps a backlit mirror?


The size and placing of the mirror is really important. Shop around. Do you need a de-mister or do you want it to have the mirror backlit? Larger mirrors make small bathroom spaces feel bigger.

Vanity cupboard storage:

Choose carefully. Make sure there is enough storage. There are plenty of vanity units to choose from. Tall floor cabinets and wall hung cabinets. Make sure that your basin is the right size if you are installing it onto a wall hung vanity unit.

Keep it simple:

Less is more. Avoid using over decorative mouldings or inserts.


Install a good extraction fan to remove excess moisture.

Electrical power points:

Ensure that you have enough power points for shavers, hair dryers, and electric toothbrushes.

Grout and tiles:

Use something like a Tile Visualiser to get ideas around which colour grout goes with the floor and wall tiles of your choice.

Tap wear:

There are many combinations available, so choose a theme and keep with that theme so that all of your tapware matches.

Paint and other options:

Other options to consider if you do not want tiles are things like using Seratone, or perhaps on painted or wallpapered walls using clear glass over it sealing over the painted/wallpapered surfaces.

Get at least 3 quotations:

Lastly, choose your Tradesman wisely, getting at least 3 quotations in writing. Be clear about what you would like, and get the estimated costs up front so that you can budget accordingly.

Preparation and planning are the keys to success

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