Attitude and energy are the keys to success

It is fair to say we are all in control of our own attitudes and often it is our attitude that creates the energy that we need to succeed.

There are some plain truths that we all need to address before we can start succeeding in our sales careers.

Real Estate is one career where you might find 90% of the sales are done by 10 % of the salespeople.

The harder you work-the luckier you will become

This is so true of many sales environments. Some people are just lucky you think? That is not always the case in most sales situations.

There are many factors that can hold us back as individuals-

Sometimes bad things happen – well yes? But why obsess about it if you cannot control it.

Sometimes Real Estate agents are expected to be economists!

Sellers might blame them if their house does not sell, and won’t blame the market, which could very well be affected by the unknown – take Covid-19 for instance?

Whoever says that they can predict exactly what will happen to house prices after this one in 100 year event must have a really good crystal ball!

There are plenty of opportunities out there – go and seek them out, and when you hit a wall of rejection, get up and try again.

The habits of successful salespeople

Identify the 5 things that hold you back and distract you from achieving what you set out to achieve and then put a plan of action in place to work on eliminating these habits and exchange them with something positive and energising.

For example, make those phone calls during your morning walk, instead of delaying calling people or even going for a walk.

Have more energy than everybody else – most salespeople are tired, so out energise them.

On the other hand when good things happen, practice an “attitude of gratitude” and make a difference to every person you come in contact with by being positive.

A smile goes a long way to make a difference in most people’s lives.

Be genuine – drop that ego! Nobody wants to put up with a salesperson with an “over-inflated” ego!

Have a great sense of humour – try and make your career about “liking what you do” not about “doing what you like!”

You can never be perfect. But you can be happy with who you are and stop feeling guilty about not being the perfect wife, son, mother, or salesperson, whatever it is that you feel you are not – this is holding you back.

It is not very useful to try to be perfect if it makes you feel bad about yourself.

Make a plan to move forward – little steps to get ahead at first

Keep a healthy body and mind.

Take responsibility for all of your actions and stop blaming others.

The past is the past. Look forward to the future and accept the things you cannot change.

Jealousy is a waste of time. Why compare yourself to others? Who cares what others think?

You will never be able to control other people’s opinions or jealousy so why not concentrate on winning your own race with good morals and excellent service.

Our attitudes affect everything in our lives.

If we are harbouring a grudge it will show in our face or the way in which we interact with others.

Again, it is well known that when you give a smile to somebody it makes them feel good -smiling is infectious.

Practice kindness.

Communicate with people with smiling eyes as they are the windows to our souls- connect with people in a positive and happy way.

Never underestimate the power of an act of kindness. You can change the way you sell.

Be moral and always act with professional integrity.

Lastly, today is the best time to make a change.

You have one life. Live it to the full. Take action.

We all have the ability to succeed at what we put our minds to.

After all, the road to success and to failure are often the same road, because we have to fail in order to learn from our mistakes to make a success of anything we really want.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.