Renovating a home is not for the faint hearted

Take it from one who knows!

Smart wiring, or smart homes are often talked about and the digital natives amongst us know all the tricks.

Just listening to some of the things required in our new smart home made my head spin.

For instance, I wondered why we needed “mood lighting” ? I certainly did not think that my moods were anything for highlighting, except perhaps the good ones – the ones when I am happy to find the correct TV channel on the complicated TV remote?

Or perhaps happy to have success at all of the blinds going up in unison, after flashing the fancy remote vaguely in their direction.

However, now that most of the hard work has been done, I am the first to complain if the bathroom floor is not heated first thing in the morning, or the LED bench lighting is off, because I have not set the timer correctly.

Google A1 Assistant has become a trusted family member

I actually talk to “Hey Google”  The  Google A1 Voice Assistant who sits on the kitchen bench, all pristine, neat and white.

She has become part of the family. She is always very respectful and tells me the weather, sets the alarm, and gives me all sorts of interesting facts when required.

There is also no need to search through a recipe book, looking for something to cook, because she will give me a selection of recipes to choose from.

I do wonder though whether she is spying on us, or maybe if she could, she would roll her eyes in disbelief by some of the questions thrown her way.

Life’s mundane chores are easier in a smart home

With voice-activated assistants and the latest smart home technology, many of life’s extra chores and annoyances are simply being erased.

What’s more, home automation is growing more affordable and more intuitive every day.

There are voice assistants, smart light bulbs and digital doorbells, mood lighting, streaming services, smart TV’s and bluetooth enabled speakers.

You can answer your front door via your smartphone, when you are miles away at work and tell a delivery person where to leave a parcel.

Or you can arm or disarm your alarm system remotely or keep an eye on the comings and goings  around your home while you are away.

I remember once reviewing footage later one day of a person taking things out of our postbox, and becoming very agitated till I noticed the date on the recording.

Looking closer, I recognised myself, so there was no need for alarm- just perhaps a reminder that a visit to the optician for an eye test was required!

A good internet connection is essential

An important thing to consider before embarking on your smart home adventure is your internet connection, as well as technical skill level and desired outcome that you wish for.

It would be wise to make sure that your wifi network is good enough, otherwise to consider upgrading the router or use a mesh network (multiple access points throughout the home)

And if you are not technically minded, there are plenty of people that you can call upon for help that are technically minded.

Simplicity is the highest form of complexity

©2020| Author| Kathryn

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