Covid-19 has certainly got a lot to answer for!

Enough is enough!

World wide massive loss of life was just the beginning, not to mention the many changes to so many of our livelihoods, and the ongoing lock downs we still have till we can safely go about our lives again.

Listening to children telling others to wash their hands, are some positive aspects, I guess, and the way we have for the best part all adapted to working and schooling children from home is another positive not to be taken lightly.

Sadly though, FOMO and now FOOP dominate the world of Real Estate.

How much higher can prices go?

As a result of the NZ Government’s housing policy, there is still growing uncertainty over prices, fuelling hesitancy with buyers fearful of over paying for a property, yet people still buy houses.

With increasing hesitancy, most of us are now slightly unsure of where prices could go next. Will they continue to spiral upwards or will they crash downwards and if so, at what rate?

People are worried that they will pay far too much for a house and then battle to pay the mortgage off if prices fall dramatically.

This seems to be quite evident in some areas where people have taken on huge debt due to low interest rates offered by the banks.

Banks seem to have done all right out of Covid though it seems.

When Westpac, the least-loved of the big banks, announced it was back to its old profitable ways, it revealed that on average people’s love for their banks was lower in March 21 than in March 2020

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It is well known that the people who have saved most of their hard working lives for their retirement are certainly now propping up those who borrow huge amounts from the same banks.

These banks have rewarded their very loyal clients who hold term deposits with them (some, for decades) with next to zero interest, which is appalling.

These people are now forced to live off their hard earned savings capital, and who knows what lies ahead when those hard earned savings are gone.

 Unpaid and overdue bills from MIQ

And then you have the people who blatantly disregard others who have done the right thing and stayed put, while they jump on planes for holidays overseas, expecting the people who stayed put, to pay for their 2 week stay in a MIQ hotel upon their return.

Hardly fair I’d say.

The unpaid and overdue bills are mounting up for New Zealanders who have gone through managed isolation and quarantine.

In March 2021, $20.6 million in MIQ fees were yet to be paid, with $3.7m considered overdue Read more here

So, yes, I think a lot of us would have to say “enough is enough.”

The sooner we all get vaccinated, the sooner we can try to get back to a new normal.

I know that I want to travel again to see my family. Facetime is not quite the same as a good old fashioned hug!