Selling your home after a divorce requires good communication between all parties

Often there is much emotion wrapped up in a family home. So when it comes to selling, everybody needs to be on the same page.
Sadly, when it is a matrimonial split, things become quite difficult, especially if there is a communication breakdown between the parties.
It could also be said that we grieve for what was once ours – a life that is no more.
In fact, it doesn’t really matter how long you are in the home, if there is a change of circumstances that force you to sell, a form of grieving is bound to happen.
In a perfect world, we would take a pragmatic approach to selling our family home and if separating or divorcing, we would each be cooperative with the other and be sensitive to each other’s needs. After all, we all cope with things differently.
Selling your family home in difficult circumstances takes a lot more effort.

There are many things that need to be agreed upon.

It is a time when you are forced to work together if you want to maximise the profit in order to split the funds down the middle.
So it would definitely be wise to formulate a plan of action in a sensible and collaborative way.

Things to think about prior to listing your property for sale include:

  • The Sales process (in terms of the amount of marketing to be paid and salesperson to be chosen)
  • Any maintenance required to make the property ready for sale – who pays for what?
  • Who is responsible for cleaning and gardening and who pays for what while on the market?
  • Perhaps there is less furniture if one party has moved out, so does the property need staging? Who pays for what?
  • Plan ahead if children are involved. They will also be feeling the emotion of change.
  • Any pets to be taken care of when the house is being marketed? Who will remove them for inspections?
  • Perhaps, if you can afford to, agree on a separate bank account to be used for the sales process, with each party putting in an equal amount
  • Be clear about choosing a Salesperson who will communicate with both of you – this is very important.
  • Selling a home can be stressful enough without a breakdown in communication between parties.
  • Often “trust” between couples who are separating is at an all time low.
  • It is therefore important that the salesperson you choose is impartial and works with both of you, communicating the feedback on the sale to both of you.

You will both need to be on the same page to get the best price for your property

Try and keep a lid on your emotions and look at the big picture long term.
Remember, each of you need to get as much as you can from the sale in order for you both to move forward.
Things will get better eventually as time is a great healer.
Time will heal what cannot be fixed.

A day will come when the hurt will fade and you will be free once again

If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello

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